Impermeability(Water tightness) test

When the surface is treated for impermeability to be sure that is really impermeable a test of impermeability of water is mandatory. For this purpose the water exit are closed temporarily and the water of sufficient height is put for the test. the filled water is colored with florescence powder in order to verify if the infiltration viewed is from the the surface in test.

Add of florescence for the test:

This water remains for some day and then the control of impermeable is done. In the control the company who treated the surface is present along with the construction company and the member of sub-contractors for garden etc.

If the infiltration is observed then the sub-contractor company who treated the impermeability finds the area of infiltration and it treats the surface.





Then retest is done in the same way with the another florescence color to verify the infiltration. If the surface is impermeable the verbal process of receiving support is delivered to the executing company by the sub-contractor who treats the surface.

Neuilly - Plan mise en eau

click here for the sample of process verbal of support reception

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